TOMOS, a reputable manufacturer based in Solvenia, has been producing mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters for sale for over fifty years. Like fine wine, our company's products have only gotten better with age. Anyone who owns or has owned a TOMOS will say the same. ARROW R Overview Front Disc Brake Mono Shock Double headlight Electric start. /r/moped, or mopeddit, is for discussion and celebration of vintage mopeds on Reddit. We ride mostly 1970s pedal-equipped two-stroke models, such as those manufactured by Puch, Motobécane, Peugeot, Tomos, Garelli, Sachs, Kriedler, etc. Post pictures, ask questions, find your local gang, and share knowledge.. TOMOS A3 Swing Arm Parts Ref. Diagram T23a. TOMOS A35/A55 Frame, Body, & Swing Arm Parts Ref. Diagram T23b. TOMOS A35/ A55 Rear Racks,Targa Top Tank Seats, and Exhaust Ref. Diagram T23c. About My Account Tomos Moped Cafe Racer Before that Tomos made 1975-1976 36K 3,846 26 423 Members 423 Members. . 423 Members. with a long established reputation for durability and ruggedness This is a complete carb assembly that is "bolt on and go" ready Tomos Moped Cars And Motorcycles Tomos Moped - Parts Supply Store - Your #1 Resource For. TOMOS. has been a Tomos Moped Dealer for 40 years. We have thousands of original parts in stock and a constant flow of new every few weeks from a Slovenian Distributor where Tomos was manufactured in Koper. If you do not see it below, we may still be able to import- special orders are not a problem.. Some TOMOS Motorcycle Spare Parts & Owner Manuals PDF are above the page -Classic XL, Quadr0 25, Nitro, Young s, Standard, Alpino, Twister.. TOMOS - Tovarna (factory) Motornih Koles (2-wheeled transport) Sezana (a city in Western Slovenia, 7 miles from the Italian border), so the name of the moped is deciphered.. TOMOS has more than 50 years of history, which began in July 1954. Stator w/ Pickup for Tomos A55 Mopeds. $79.00. Add To Cart. Ignition Coil w/ CDI for Tomos A55 Mopeds. $59.00. Add To Cart. Flywheel and Stator for Electric Start Tomos A55 Mopeds #16 - USED *READ*. $69.00. Tomos A35 A55 Clutch Shoe. Website. Tomos ( Slovene: Tovarna, Motorjev, Sežana, "Motorcycle Company Sežana ") was a moped manufacturer based in Koper, Slovenia. Tomos acquired a production license from Puch to produce moped models under the Tomos name in 1954. Tomos had since produced various goods for the Eastern European market, including motorcycles .... Tomos moped 50cc, been sitting for a few years doesn't run atm but with a service would run perfectly, 300 miles on the engine, a heap of fun. Mopeds Unfortunately Tomos USA has closed since early 2014. Currently there are no more Tomos mopeds being distributed in North America. Tomos Slovenia is still producing them, but are mainly being sold locally and in limited number within Europe. At this moment it does not look like they will be producing mopeds for much longer. The Tomos Colibri is an uncommon moped, it was only manufactured for a few years. It has a distinct moped frame and panel covers different from other Tomas moped models. TOMOS COLIBRI APPEARANCE. All OEM Colibri Moped. File Type PDF Tomos A3 Moped Repair Manual TOMOS 50cc A3 GENERALKA AVTOMATIK AUTOMATIK MOTOR AUTOMATIC, moped engine rebuild, overhaul Failing to start Tomos Golden Bullet A3 Moped 1979 Tomos Bullet with A3 Engine TOMOS MOPED 1979 A3 The \"Well Loved\" Tomos A35 Moped Partial Tear Down - Just Enough to Order. Tomos began in the US in 1976, but their new A3 moped came out in 1974 in Europe. Before that Tomos made Puchs, under license. 2013 was the last year Tomos USA sold mopeds, until 2017 when Tomos returned with a new importer.. Jan 14, 2010 · Since most moped enthusiasts are heavy into modding, a 4 stroke just wouldn't work for them. The last few years of Tomos mopeds had catalytic converters in the stock exhausts, which plugged up with 2 stroke oil in under 1000 miles. Most owners immediately replaced the pipe with a performance exhaust anyway.. Search: Tomos Moped Models. HP-700AIRSAL TOMOS A35 64CC kit Moped parts 2009 Classic Tomos Revival moped, this is the upgraded cruising Tomos model not base model Made for all Tomos A3 models, will also work on the A35 models *without CDI and Puch mopeds Look at your CDI box and count the wires coming out of it Look at your CDI box and count the wires coming. Tomos is a vehicle company most famous for it's mopeds. Tomos Mopeds and Scooters. For more info about Tomos. Find a local Tomos dealer. Tomos Scooter and Moped Parts and Accessories from Displaying 16 to 28 (of 28 products) 1 2 . Malossi MHR Clutch and Bell for 50cc Scooters. CUSTOM cut sport touring head machined to match up with the A35 tomos 44mm airsal kit. not for a55!! no!! has o-ring groove for solid head sealing against air leaks and better compression. custom cut 45mm O-RING high compression head - for a3 & a35 tomos 45mm tomos AND puch TREAT KITS - sport touring. $68.99. THIS IS A READ MOPED WITH BICYCLE PEDALS AND ENGINE. SSR Lazer 5 Moped. 49cc Fully Automatic, 17 inch wheels. This is a Real Moped with Human Assist Bicycle Pedals. Order now while supplies last. This popular item is frequently out of stock. SSR has announced the Equalized Freight Program Effective April 25, 2016. Calculate Payment. Description. 1980 TOMOS Special MOPED with KICK STARTER. very rare Tomos Special Moped that they built about 500 of them with a KICK STARTER instead of pedals. This moped kick starts like a motorcycle, and has NO pedals at all. This is a Special Edition in RED and is extremely hard to find in any condition, let alone a .... Search: Tomos Moped Models. In 1955 they made 137 of these motorcycles and assembled 124 RL 125 scooters and one hundred mopeds Made for all Tomos A3 models, will also work on the A35 models *without CDI and Puch mopeds Tomos APN or Alpino is one of the few mopeds from Tomos with a four-level gear change two stroke engine Loncin200cc-250cc. 58-33 57th dr 11378. TOMOS America continues to provide TOMOS parts and NOS TOMOS mopeds. PGI Moto are proud to announce the return of Tomos to North America. Still manufactured in Slovenia, brand new Tomos mopeds will finally be back on t . 2,966 people like this. 3,223 people follow this. Tomos is pretty much the last traditional moped maker importing into the US. Though even they sell more pedal-less models than with pedals and they started selling re-badged Chinese scooter under the Tomos name awhile back as well. There are few Chinese moped brands around and maybe you can still get a Indian-made Kinetic if you find a dealer. Dec 20, 2021 · Tomos automatic, Mopedi, Motocikli i skuteri, Auto-moto, 399.29 € - INDEX OGLASI. 00. 110CC UNDER ENGINE STARTER MOTOR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC ATV DIRT BIKE EN32-BASIC. ...Tomos Airsal 44mm 70cc Replacement Piston. 125cc Dirt Bikes. MotoTec X1 70cc Dirt Bike - Parts. then there are the race kits that you realy need to look at 21mm Trkimal. Calculate Payment. Description. 1980 TOMOS Special MOPED with KICK STARTER. very rare Tomos Special Moped that they built about 500 of them with a KICK STARTER instead of pedals. This moped kick starts like a motorcycle, and has NO pedals at all. This is a Special Edition in RED and is extremely hard to find in any condition, let alone a .... Sep 16, 2012 01:34PM. I know that Tomos Canada has had parts on backorder, with no real stock date. maybe the market in Canada has been rough. they keep changing Tomos/ moped applicable laws so people are moving over to electric scooters (since you don't need a license, insurance, registration, plates, etc) Reply. Tomos is a vehicle company most famous for it’s mopeds. Tomos Mopeds and Scooters. For more info about Tomos. Find a local Tomos dealer. Ka shumë reklama të reja në kategori të ndryshme që regjistrohen çdo ditë në Pazar3, pasi ne jemi reklamuesi më i madh në vend. Pavarësisht nëse jeni duke kërkuar me fjalë kyçe moped tomos sprint , kategori, ose vendndodhje, Pazar3 është vendi i duhur për ju sepse faqja jonë e internetit ka shumë përdorues dhe shumë reklama të publikuara në shumë kategori të ndryshme. Moped Manufacturers: Honda Piaggio Tao Tao Vespa: Q & A: Blue Book Guide: 2006 Yamaha Vino 2015 Yamaha Vino 2021 Tao Tao Bahama VIP 2018 Wolf RX50 2013 Vespa 150 ... 2001 Tomos Targa LX 2006 Yamaha Vino: Free Links: Classified Ads: Find Value: Ask Question: Questions: Answers: Session ID: Used Values: Start: A to Z: Honda: Piaggio: Tao Tao. The Tomos is a Slovenian factory enough known in Europe, because the mopeds of this brand were exported in several countries (also in Italy, till the '80s), obtaining a good success. But i dedicated a page to this brand, also because it produced very interesting 50 cc. racing bikes, like the " GP 75" (in the pic above), that partecipated to the .... 1994 Tomos Sprint 50cc Moped $649 Mt Sterling, Kentucky Year 1994 Make Tomos Model Sprint 50cc Moped Category Mopeds Engine - Posted Over 1 Month 1994 Tomos Sprint 50cc Moped, 1995 Tomos 50cc Moped, two-stroke, one-owner, low 671 miles, 30 mph! 2005 Tomos Arrow Moped $1,000 Eagar, Arizona Year - Make - Model - Category - Engine -. Mar 11, 2003 · All Tomos mopeds, A3, A35, and A55 use a 2 speed automatic transmission with a centrifugal clutch, so they are not "in gear" if the engine is not running. After being without a moped for almost 15 years, I bought a 1979 Sears Free Spirit (Puch/Kromag) a few months ago. It only had 200 miles on it and is in like new condition.. These parts are for Tomos Mopeds and many fit models Tomos A3, Tomos A35, and Tomos A55.. Before that Tomos made Puchs, under license. 2013 was the last year Tomos USA sold mopeds, until 2017 when Tomos returned with a new importer. Engine Names (all are under two horsepower, two speed automatic with pedals, some with kick start): “A3” was 1974-1991. Tomos mopedi , tomos APN , tomos T12 , tomos CTX , Tomos ATX , Tomos BT , tomos. Tomos A35 70cc Complete Performance Package This kit is for all Tomos mopeds with the A35 engine, Targa, Targa LX, Sprint,Colibri, Classic TT, etc. While it isn't a huge ripper like some of the other kits out there, the DMP 70cc kit is a great first kit. Yamaha Zuma 70cc 19/21mm PHGB Carb Kit. head Maxtuned SPORT 70cc for Piaggio LC (5 Square. A moped (/ ˈ m oʊ p ɛ d / MOH-ped) is a type of small motorcycle, generally having a less stringent licensing requirement than full motorcycles or automobiles.The term used to mean a similar vehicle except with both bicycle pedals and a motorcycle engine.Mopeds typically travel only a bit faster than bicycles on public roads. Mopeds are distinguished from motor scooters in that the latter. Click here to show all Tomos motorcycles ever made. Mopeds, 50cc and small scooters are here defined as all motorbikes with engine size up to 50 ccm. See also our 125cc page for bikes with displacement from 50 to 125 ccm. Allround 50cc Classic 50cc Enduro / offroad 50cc Minibike, cross 50cc Minibike, sport 50cc Naked bike 50cc Scooter 50cc. Tomos lx, targa, sprint, revival, Streetmate , Puch ,magnum are all awesome mopeds is they run right. We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.. 26mm Fork Bearing and Cup Set for Puch Magnum and Tomos. Caged headset bearing for puch maxi, motobecane, peugeot and vespa mopeds. Lucky Price: $13.99. IN STOCK. 25lb Yellow Clutch Spring - Tomos, Puch, Morini & Sachs. +25lbs of resistance from the stock spring for 1st and 2nd puch za50 and tomos clutches, saxonette clutches and m101 rear. It's an automatic and has two gears with a top speed of about 28mph - which feels fast enough. It weighs in at 57kg and it'll do more than 100 miles to the gallon. 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